Boost Beauty Supply Store Foot Traffic With This Clever Marketing Trick

Just like yours, our customers hate shipping fees and that's why they turn to niched boutique retail beauty spaces such as yours. Your customers depend on you to maintain a quality and diverse range of relevant and trending beauty brands that are being consumed by the boatload thanks to user created content on viral websites and apps such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram!


In spite of the immediate and obvious convenience that online retailers naturally offer their customers, consumers are beginning to develop screen-fatigue. Simply put, they’re growing tired of their retail therapy being limited to their devices and longing for the pre-pandemic experiences of shopping in-store - without shipping fees! That’s why digital marketing campaigns that offer “FREE SHIPPING” as the incentive are so wildly successful with online shoppers.


But the marketing concept of "FREE SHIPPING" is literally the nature of your business by default - so why aren’t you leveraging that?

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XO, Donna Jenay