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Hi, I'm Donna Jenay
Hello, I'm Donna Jenay.


Since 2014, Nancy's Kitchen Products has been on a mission to cater to the health and styling needs of kinky, coily and curly hair types, and to dismiss the notion that these textures are "difficult" or in need of correction. Nancy’s Kitchen Products started in the kitchen of my 1 bedroom apartment in Marietta, GA when I was 25 years old. I’d just moved to Atlanta with no friends or family in the area and was looking to explore my new surroundings as well as embark on a personal journey of self fulfillment and understanding.
However, instead of endless fun and exploration, being here alone and with a job that wasn’t really paying much led me to a lot of nights spent Netflix and chilling with my dog in our empty home, instead. One day, the idea to create a hair product line just hit me! I had a natural hair blog in college and was already seen as someone who was knowledgeable about natural hair and natural hair care in my immediate friend circles. I decided that when my tax money came for the previous year, I’d buy a few items of cheap furniture and use the rest to launch my business - it's been history in the making, ever since!
I chose the name Nancy’s Kitchen because it pays respect to my late grandmother Nancy who left a glowing legacy of love that encompassed equal parts wit, wisdom, grit and strength. She, like many other black mothers and grandmothers, did and taught her children to do hair in the kitchen. Nancy’s Kitchen pays tribute to her and all other Kitchen Beauticians of the near and distant past and present. 
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