7 Black-Owned Businesses To Throw Your Stimmy At

It’s Stimmy Season, Tax Season, and the fresh of the heels of the Spring Equinox which as we know is an amazing time to manifest new things and watch them blossom right along with all the freshly blooming flowers of the new season!

Anywho! What better way to appease the Spirit of Abundance than by giving an offering to these Black Owned brands who are currently raising capital via Crowdfunding campaigns. 

Time to make it rain on some Black-Owned businesses! (Does anybody say "make it rain" anymore?..doesn't matter...cue the music!)


1. Nancy’s Kitchen Products

Owner and Creator, Donna Jenay explains how her story is the story of the women she aims to serve. From hot combs to doobie wraps, relaxers to twist outs, this Black Woman Beauty brand owner understands the journey because she walks it. Nancy's Kitchen Products combats negative connotations about coarse hair by affirming Black beauty through products that transform wash days into luxury experiences by way of ease and enjoyment.

Nancy's Kitchen Products' best-selling Silk Buttercream and Love Thy Hair Collections contain no sulfates, silicones or parabens that get you all the way together for a luxury and worry-free wash day!

Right now, Nancy's Kitchen Products is seeking to raise $50,000 as they expand their accessibility to include big retail giants like Amazon Prime and Target. You can give support this initiative by donating to the existing NKP Prime Time Initiative Fundraiser, powered by IFundWomen!


2. Inclusology

Inclusology is a software company who is on a mission to be the answer to a $64B diversity and inclusion problem that is costing companies about $64B annually. Using engagement surveys that create automated benchmarks and solutions, Inclusology uses data collected through engagement surveys to provide automates benchmarks and solutions that give hiring departments the solutions they need, right at their fingertips.

Currently, Inclusology raising $1M in their seed round to increase human capital and achieve a successful product launch. They need the help of the community to make it happen, and you can start by donating here.



Creating space for Black people to thrive through fitness and wellness, BLAQUE seeks to create a world that is filled with culturally resonant, quality fitness spaces for Black people to pursue wellness through movement in both physical and digital spaces. How's that for innovation and flexibility in an ever changing COVID climate?

You can help out BLAQUE's initiative by clicking here.

4. Tending The Garden

Jimanekia Eborn is a comprehensive sex educator, trauma specialist, and founder of Tending The  Garden which aims to provide self care education for survivors of sexual assault and trauma. As a survivor herself, Eborn knows firsthand the importance of finding healing and community when it comes time to processing trauma. In her work, she maintains the mantra "When we can come together as survivors to reflect, re-energize and regenerate ourselves, the healing magnifies".

Give to the cause here.

5. Go Girl Ride

The Problem:

Women and non-binary people do not feel safe or valued in regular rideshare or taxi services. Everyone should feel protected on their journey. No one should have to worry about getting home safely.

The Answer:

Go Girl Ride is on a mission is to create a culture where everyone* feels safe to go their own way.  And we need your help!  Without funding we are stalled, unable to move forward.

Learn more about this initiative and contribute here.

6. Femly Box

Arion Long started Femly after being diagnosed with a cervical tumor that was linked with chemicals in popular personal care brands. Femly was created to provide simple solutions to complex issues facing women. Many mainstream brands contain additives like BPA, dioxins, and other synthetic ingredients that are linked with hormone disruption, cancer, and reproductive illnesses. Though organic providers have made a dent in this segment, minority consumers are still left out of targeting, and aren't represented in brand representation/innovation.


Donate to Femly's Crowdfund Campaign to support the cause! This is amazing work! 


7. Indulge Catering, LLC

Established in 2014 in Durham, NC, Indulge Catering  is a labor of love. Embracing the motto "Indulge: one bite, one plate, one meal at a time," that is exactly what sets Indulge Catering apart.  

Executive Chef Queen Precious-Jewel and Sous Chef Jacqueline "Jay" have built a highly sought-after catering business by creating healthy, flavorful dishes that astonish and delight clients—all while using fresh ingredients from local vendors.

Chef Queen Precious-Jewel and Chef Jay are seeking to expand their territory by making Indulge Catering the 1st LGBT Black Women and Veteran owned and operated, LGBT owned company to have a domestic and international presence on the shelves in specialty shops and grocery stores. We are hoping to expand the production of Indulgent Essential Spices to feature a variety of spices, sauces, and jams.

Support this campaign here.