About NKP

After moving to Atlanta, GA in November 2013 and exactly one month later losing my beloved maternal grandmother, Nancy A. Johnson, I wanted to do something that would 1) immortalize my grandmother’s legacy and 2) allow me to live the rest of my days filled with passion, purpose and joy. The idea for Nancy’s Kitchen Products came to me one afternoon of January 2014 after work while sitting on the floor of my empty one bedroom apartment with my dog, Millie, pouting over the cancellation of my shared netflix account. I was broke and sad. While hair care has been a growing passion of mine since mid 2008 when I was overcome with a new found interest in my own hair and decided to break away from my nearly 20 year long routine of chemical proccesses, it still hadn’t occured to me that launching my own product line was the obvious next step. In my social circles I kind of became the “go-to girl” for tips, techniques and products; so when the idea for Nancy’s Kitchen Products came to me it was kind of a “duh” moment and I immediately knew where the “life hint” came from (the loving spirit of my grandmother Nancy). The name “Nancy’s Kitchen Products” stumped a few of my close friends and family so I may as well get the explanation out of the way here. If you’ve gotten this far in the story, you know exactly who Nancy is by now. But what the heck are we doing in her kitchen? Well, I don’t know about you but as a little girl growing up in Newark, NJ my beauty parlor was my mother’s kitchen on Grumman Avenue and no doubt my mother’s at one point in time was Nancy’s Kitchen on Harding Terrace. So there you have it. The name “Nancy’s Kitchen” represents all of the priceless traditions, hairstyles, recipes and habits that have been passed down in my family through the generations. Sorry for all the hungry disappointment out there!
I am excited to have been chosen by the Most High to embark on this journey and I am so excited to have you all coming along for the ride!